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You are focused on business financial performance, balancing spend, investment, and results. Our President serves as our CFO and by nature is risk averse and wants to make sure there is a return on any investment. You are probably similar. Cost control is always top of mind while evaluating the impact on your necessary investments strategy needs to lead to better gross margin. Why is partnering with Acropolis a sound investment where you can expect a solid return?

  • The risk of financial impact is too great to choose a partner based on lowest price. You know it and may have even said it, “Least cost is not least price”. The pandemic has proven that companies that invested in remote work technologies are fairing much better than those that didn’t. That took a decision to invest months or even years ago to prepare. There are decisions we all face today that will have impacts tomorrow. How you handle IT is a strategic decision that will help or hurt your organization for years to come.

  • When comparing options, focus on the differences. We get it, IT companies all look alike, say the same things and unfortunately, many of them aren’t very good. You are looking at this page for a reason right? To make things easier, we recommend focusing on the difference in cost and compare that to the difference in service. For the difference of literally a few $100 dollars per month you can address security risk, depth of team and strategic direction input for your staff. The best part, we are less expensive than an equivalent internal IT team needed to address everything that Acropolis or another quality MSP can.

  • You aren’t alone. We have helped thousands of clients since we began in 1996 and we currently support clients that faced the exact same value choice that you are facing today. We support some of the most successful companies in the St. Louis Region with our average client working with us for over 7-15 years. We are not a fit for every company, but for those that are a fit, we remain partners for a very long time. Probably much longer than many employees that you have hired, especially employees that work in IT.

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