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Process and consistency without overspending. That is where you spend your day. How can you deliver your products and services at a reasonable cost while engineering out as many emergencies as possible. We aren’t any different than you and add process and consistency to IT that typically has very little. I’m sure it bothers you that you are so dependent on your technology but probably have very little documentation or even fully understand what happens in IT from one day to the next. Acropolis addresses these concerns.

The Benefits of using Acropolis or another quality MSP

  • We address IT process - In addition to our processes being SOC II Type II certified we can add process to the process-less. You demand consistency and IT should be no different. Problems always arise but unlike many competitive options, we can show you our process and how it is better in adding more consistency to you and your team’s day.

  • Cost Effective - You don’t have an unlimited budget and we understand. We are less expensive than an equivalent internal IT staff while addressing the process and depth that you probably don’t have with your current solution.

  • You are not alone. We have helped thousands of clients since we opened in 1996 and currently help some of the best companies in the St. Louis region. We have many clients that have been with us for well over 15 years and our average agreement is well over 7 years. We are not a fit for everyone but for those that choose us, we remain partners for a long time.

  • We address the urgent but not at the expense of the important - Every company that you are considering has to solve problems. Unfortunately, solving problems is the easiest part of the job. In addition to our service team that addresses the urgent, we also have teams that address the important but not urgent issues. These issues are probably the most frustrating for you. Our ProActive Services Team address security, patching, and the tools that work silently in the background to protect you. Our Client Strategy Team meets with you to help address and plan where you are going. Our dedicated Project Team will make sure that your project will get finished, not to the “10 yard line” but actually completed. Gone are the days of your project engineer not finishing or your project stalling because you or another client has had an urgent emergency that they needed to address.

We add much need process and documentation to your Technology. You will never have to walk on eggshells around your IT person or provider again because they have knowledge that you don’t.

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